Harry’s Journey: One Couples Journey Through Cancer: Part 2

16 Jun

“The doctors were astounded. Harry’s cancer hasn’t come back. They were amazed at how well he’s doing.”

Carol couldn’t hide her smile when she told me the good news. “He was told that he’d have 6-8 months to live. That was two years ago.” Back in January his Doctors couldn’t believe the progress he made from September of 2016. Not only has his cancer not returned his functionally and mobility has improved remarkably.

Harry was diagnosed with Glioblastoma. He has one of the most aggressive forms of brain cancer. Family and friends have noticed far less dependence on a cane or walker. To balance on one foot was impossible four months ago. “I made him stand on one foot for the doctors. He didn’t falter.” Carol beamed. The doctors were surprised to say the least.

Carol may credit us with Harry’s improvement, but as my mom said, “ He wants to improve. That’s the difference. He wants to get better.” Not only can he move around more confidently, getting in and out of a chair is effortless. The little things that once were big mountains to climb are slowly being conquered. “He’s getting so strong! I have to come up with new challenges.” My mom said.

If the past has proven anything it’s that Harry and Carol can face life’s greatest challenge and come out on top. “He’s always positive.” Carol tells me, “He always has a great sense of humour. He never complains.” I can see from the look on her face that not only is she proud of her husband but more than anything she tells me, “I’m just glad we can do it together.”


Helping Harry: One Couples Journey through Cancer Part 1

16 Jun

“I read your article about your work with a woman who had brain cancer and felt that this might assist Harry to make life easier for him.”

We first met Carol and Harry in July. Cancer treatments left his balance a little shaky so he relied on a cane and walker to get around. Carol was eager to help her husband, “He had a brain tumour which was removed in June 2015. Further testing showed he had glioblastoma, an aggressive form of cancer.” The goal was clear. Help Harry gain his independence to enjoy the little things.

“He was in excellent health and living an active life until he had a seizure at the end of February 2015.” At seventy nine years of age, Harry and Carol have a good attitude. Carol was a competitive swimmer and taught exercise classes for thirty years. Having to manage health issues on top of taking care of Harry, “I regretfully let myself go.” She is naturally strong and has done very well. “Exercise with weights never appealed to me before and I have been pleasantly surprised how much I am enjoying it, how much energy I have and how much better I am feeling.”

Harry walked in to our gym the other day without his cane, “You look so confident walking in here today. It’s a noticeable difference!” My mom beamed.

“There is obvious improvement. He can walk more without any cane or walker.” Carol told me recently.

When I asked about featuring them, “I’d rather this article be about Harry.” Carol told me. “He has such a good attitude. He doesn’t get angry or sad about it.” Watching Harry exercising she turned to me with a warm smile,

“I’m just glad he and I can to do this together.”