A Little Encouragement Goes a Long Way

08 Sep

The best childhood memories I have are of my mom.  She took me and my three brothers to play tennis every Friday night. We went on countless bike rides and walks by the lake. I remember her trying to show me how to rollerblade up that big hill when I was a kid. It was a challenge, but I’m glad I did it. It felt like the biggest hill in the whole world. I’m so lucky I had a mother who gave me the encouragement.

I believe we all have our hills to climb. What looks big to someone may seem so small to another. It’s given me a greater appreciation for everyone else who is facing an uphill battle. It’s not my job to criticize or judge. The most successful people I’ve worked with have a change of heart before their body makes any physical change. You can’t show someone how to climb that hill. You can encourage them. You can offer those words that stir someone’s self confidence and self esteem.

Believe it or not the words you speak can make a difference. I meet people every single day who are trying to make healthier choices. If I was in their shoes, wouldn’t I want someone telling me I was worth it? I believe everyone is worth the best quality of life no matter where life has taken them. The first step in that journey can hinge on the encouragement you offer.

Health really and truly starts from the inside out. You can make that difference in someone’s life by offering that dose of encouragement. Remember we all have our hills to climb. When someone is rooting for you, that hill doesn’t seem so big after all.

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