Top Reasons People Don’t Want to Exercise

11 Sep
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Scugog Standard
Sept 7/17

Over the course of my career I’ve heard a lot of, “I can’t do that.” I believe people deserve to be happy and healthy. You can be your own worst enemy sometimes. Maybe there’s not enough money or time to be healthy. Is that a reason you can afford to buy in to? The purpose of this article is to encourage people to take control of their health. The thought of exercise doesn’t excite everyone and that’s okay!

No one ever said you had to join a gym to be active or spend tons of money to participate in sport. No one ever said you need to be well. A lot of people who have significant health issues want to particpate in activity. The point is you have an opportunity to be healthy and active on your own terms. Isn’t that what we all want?

My purpose is to encourage you to find what fits in to your life. If you like being in the gym then great! If not, that’s cool! There are opportunities for you to carve out and create that healthy lifestyle. It doesn’t even need to cost you a dime. Movement is free. Wellness is yours. Go out out there and get it!

Do it because YOU love it and makes you happy.

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