The Weight of Your Success

19 Sep

What does her weight have to do with it?

I came across this interesting article on Yahoo. It inspired this topic for today. If you take the opportunity to read it, like me you might be furrowing your brow. You might be baffled as to how these stories continue to flow in the mainstream media. Yes, women can be successful.

            First of all, I watched a news program that stated that the “plus size” fashion industry is booming. Let’s clarify what plus size means. Anything over size 10 appears to be “plus size” and yet this is average. I hate the phrase “plus size” to label what is actually normal. The lady featured in the article is smart and just happens to be a curvy woman. Yet, an investor told her that no one would ever buy her cosmetics because of her size. Obviously this investor didn’t do his homework. The industry is now shifting. Yes! Curvy women exist! Why is this such big news? The even bigger question is why is taking so long for the industry to catch up?

I’ve come to a realistic conclusion. You can be a size 0 or a size 16. Women are judged by their looks no matter what size. What’s worse is we are still being stuck in this “one size fits all” box. If the women in this story looked for investment from a female, would she have gotten it? If the woman in this story was a size four, would the male investor been more interested? The point of the story is that she kept trying. She didn’t let one negative attitude deter her. I’d rather that be the moral of the story.

            The weight of your success is not determined by your body shape.

Oprah. Melissa McCarthy. Ashley Graham. Just a few familiar names there. I could go on… It’s an example I know you understand. If weight were an issue, how come they have been so successful?  It’s a shame some people still don’t get this point. We look in the mirror and decide we aren’t worthy of success because we quite literally don’t “fit” the definition of success. I guess you need to ask yourself, “What is MY definition of success?”. The only way you’ll ever change the attitude of those around you is by changing your own. Whoever sat down and decided that a smart woman needs to fit in to a particular size? Or that beauty comes in one size?

              The only person who decides her success is YOU.

As different as we may look, so is the definition of what success looks like. It comes in all shapes, sizes and colors. It really doesn’t matter what you hope to achieve in life, weight has nothing to do it. Self esteem and self love matters a hell of a lot more. The sooner we realize the power within, any dream we have can come true no matter who tells us, “it’s not possible.”

Take a look at the successful women you know. Do they look the same? Do they act the same? Do they fit in to the so-called box that is required for success? Probably not. What do you admire most about these women?

My definition of success is this…

“The only path to follow is the one you create.” 




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