Cancer and Body Shape

21 Sep

I came across this article today to discuss what body shape has to to do with cancer risk. Please click on Body Shape and Cancer Risk for further information on the article. I’d like to elaborate on the subject because the staggering statistic is that 1 in 8 women will get breast cancer in their life time.

What are the risk factors?

Based on this article and other information I’ve read… I’ve developed the following list. Here’s my top five:

  1. Waist to Hip Ratio– This relates to where you carry your body fat. If you are apple shaped, most of your body fat is held around your middle. This indicates a higher risk of all forms of disease, not just breast cancer.
  2. Smoking– Need I say more?
  3. Level of Activity– This article indicates that if you are overweight before you reach menopause, this elevates your risk of a specific type of cancer. Being active helps lower the risk of all forms of disease.
  4. Nutrition– Although not mentioned in this article, let’s face it. Whatever you put in to your body will affect it’s overall health.
  5. Stress– Not specifically mentioned in this article, this is a big one. Anyone I’ve met and worked with cited stress as a big factor in their health. Learning to manage and work out the stress in your life will help manage the risk of ALL disease.

When I look at this list, you could really use it as a top five for any form of disease.  Let’s be clear about something that I don’t mention on this list. Genetics play a big role here as well. My list comprises of factors you can control. You cannot control your genetics. These factors, if managed well, can lower your risk factors and help manage the disease better. I’ve worked with people who by definition have done everything right. If it’s in your blood then odds are you COULD end up with the disease.

 You can at least control the factors that elevate your risk.

        I’m sure you’ve heard all the statistics before. I won’t repeat them here. My goal is not to preach about what you “should” be doing. You know what you have to do. My purpose is to encourage you. Manage the things you can control. Take steps to improve your risk factor.

Health and Wellness Belong to You.

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