Becuase Loving Yourself is Easier

07 Feb

        It always surprises me how amazing, talented and hard working women still manage to find something wrong with themselves.

I work with women of all ages, shapes and sizes. What’s the one thing they all share in common? I see too many negative messages. Either we’re too big or too small. We do too much or not enough. We’re not pretty enough. We’re not smart enough. The list goes on. I’d like to change the message.

We were in fitness class talking about all the latest plastic surgery and diet fads. This lady blurted out,

“Loving yourself just seems easier.”

Because beauty is embracing who you are at all times.

How right she is. I thought to myself, “Why do we go to such extreme lengths to punish ourselves?” Whether it’s starving ourselves to lose weight or not participating in sport because we’re so self conscious. Some females I’ve worked with cannot even meet their own gaze in the mirror. We have learned to define being a “woman” by what we look like.

“Who we are as women is not measured by our waistline”

Being self conscious to most means that we’re afraid everyone is looking and judging us. Let’s focus on who we are. The way I define “self conscious” is a little bit different. To me being “SELF conscious” means being aware of what makes our inner SELF happy. Shouldn’t that be the focus? Just because you’re not some definition of perfect doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to be happy. The most important relationship you’ll ever have is with yourself. When that relationship flourishes so too will life around you. Loving yourself is so much easier than being something you’re not.

Beauty is measured by our strength of character.

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