Better Late Than Never

13 Feb


Better Late Than Never

Can exercise really benefit me at my age?”

Here’s Beth at 85!

Beth has met with my dad for the past eight years, three times a week. Not only is she a dedicated client, she’s also the familiar face that greets our morning group. At 85, she’s a hard working woman with a strong spirit. Beth didn’t have any experience in a gym before she joined us in 2008. She uses a walker to get around, but aside from that manages to exercise over an hour. It’s impressive because she can walk half an hour on the treadmill. Taking the odd break, she’s always determined to finish.

My dad takes her through a strength training program, carefully walking with her from one station to the next. “Ten more” I hear him say, “Great job sweetie.” Beth is always smiling and has such a sharp sense of humour. If I put that extra bit of weight on the machine, she always smiles at me coyly and says, “Ten more right? I thought you’d say that.” She’s strong and stubborn.

Priorities are certainly different as you age. Maintaining mobility and independence is often a goal with those we work with. If you’re like many of these individuals, you may not have any experience in the gym. You also may have many health issues.

The good news is you’re not alone. The majority of people we work with are in the same boat. Exercise can help if prescribed properly. A quality exercise program will improve your quality of life outside of the gym.


So my answer to the above question is this:

Yes! It’s never too late to start.

Published May 5th 2016

Scugog Standard Newspaper

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