High Tech Fitness: Does it really sell?

15 Feb

High Tech Fitness:

Does it really sell?

Call me old school but a pen and paper works better for me.

                  I am not well versed on Fitness techoolgy. I find it very confusing and often distracting amongst those who use it. I am the type who listens to her music on LP’s and 45″s. I need something tangible to hold in my hands. I have no time to sit and fiddle with my phone and all the added features. I am a talk and text kind of gal. No frills thanks!

                  If you ask me what I think about all this fitness technology out there, my honest answer is I don’t know. Call me old school but a pen and paper works better for me. Something I can easily write on, erase, correct and modify without the click of a button. Plus it’s a hell of a lot cheaper.

                 This article features a club based in Toronto that has been in business for 68 years. If you have a look at their approach to business it is very much focused on creating close knit relationships amongst it’s members. They don’t have wifi or even fancy machines that connect to your cellphone (I’m assuming some machines do that lol). My point is that in the age of advanced technology, have we lost the simplicity of what exercise is really about?

             I can see why High Tech would suit an elite athlete. He/she must track their progress. Detailed records need to be kept in order to achieve thir peak performance. What about the average person? Do we really need all this fancy technology just to get moving.

It’s kind of interesting that with all this fancy exercise tech,
the rate of obesity keeps going up especially amongst children.

This begs the question, does it really work? If so, who does it work for? I fear with the advance in technology in the fitness industry, we are losing connection. Why does it matter? Exercise is about connecting with yourself first. I beleive that occurs when you re-connect to what really matters and disconnect with things that don’t. Depending on technology to tell you how healthy you are or aren’t may detract from that.

I’m not against technology. If it appeals to you then I think it’s a great tool. I’m certainly not impressed or driven to make it a part of my exercise routine. I focus more on how I feel from the inside out. As far as I’m concerned, the best fitness tracker is the one I carry with me. My brain. Or my pen and paper… No one ever said technology was accurate. Keep that in mind.

Take time to read and decide for yourself.

Here’s to your health!

High Tech or Low Tech? What really matters to customers?

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