Secrets for Women in Exercise: The Group Mentality

16 Feb

The Group Mentality:

Secrets of Success for Women in Exercise.

Having a little too much fun before class!

Having a little too much fun before class starts!This group works so hard. Way to go ladies 🙂

Posted by All Fit All Ages Gym on Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Getting Stronger Together.

After fifteen years in our group exercise class, comraderie rings true! These women were having some fun before exercise class. They were jumping around to the music and laughing. It epitomizes my entire article in one short video. Why are group classes so successful for women?

I definitely notice a difference between female and male participation in a group setting. Women seem to participate in higher numbers. That’s not to say males don’t participate in group classes. These women in the above video have been members for fifteen years and participate four days a week. What keeps them motivated?

There’s still a misconception that group classes for women are “girly”. I don’t like using that term. I use it as a way to describe the sterotypes that go along women in exercise. I’ve heard the term “Jazzercise” or “Booty Bootcamp”. These terms come from those men who have that “80”s video, women wearing leg warmers and a unitard” type of mentality. “One more! Two more!” I think we’ve all seen the videos. I’d like to think the group class has evolved from that. The truth from what I’ve seen is that women like a challenge. Why would we design our classes any other way?

Here’s a clip of what we do:

Step and Half Ball Circuit

Here's what we've been up to all week 🙂

Posted by All Fit All Ages Gym on Thursday, January 25, 2018

Notice we have no women in unitards jumping around like jack-rabbits. No choreographed steps to remember. No annoying instructor belting out, “ONE MORE! TWO MORE!” These are not particularly easy combinations to complete. Most of these women are over fifty. So when I hear these outdated terms used to refer to group classes, I have to laugh. I participate in these classes and I can tell you from experience, they are not easy. That’s the way we like it.

Women are definitely more social. They like the encouragement from their peers and feel a sense of obligation to come. “I feel guilty when I don’t show up!” I hear quite often.

Women are REALLY hard workers.

Being a part of a group means you are a part of something. Damn it, we want to contribute to that group. We really do come together and work hard with each other. We push each other to be our best. That’s why I think group classes can be successful.

Our group classes have fun for fifteen years. We have the same group that started fifteen years ago. It’s really a wonderful environment for those just starting out as well. The veterans help the rookies. The rookies get stronger and the veterans keep getting better. It’s really about helping each other. We all keep getting stronger together.







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