Alcohol and Dementia: A Preventable Risk.

21 Feb

Alcohol and Dementia:

A Preventable Risk.

A study conducted by various Universities in Europe and Canada concluded that alchohol is a top risk factor for developing dementia. “Of the 57,000 cases of early-onset dementia (before the age of 65), the majority (57%) were related to chronic heavy drinking.” Intervention is necessary for those consuming excess amounts.

“The findings indicate that heavy drinking and alcohol use disorders are the most important risk factors for dementia, and especially important for those types of dementia which start before age 65, and which lead to premature deaths,” says study co-author and Director of the CAMH Institute for Mental Health Policy Research Dr. Jürgen Rehm

What is the message here? Alcohol has a distinct affect on the body and mind. There’s a clear link between alcohol abuse and congition. Alcohol shortens your life by almost twenty years. Those suffering from chronic alcohol abuse are at a higer risk of dying from dementia. Noted in this study is the difference in men and women as well. “While the overall majority of dementia patients were women, almost two-thirds of all early-onset dementia patients (64.9%) were men.”

By far the most preventable risk factor. Intervention sooner rather than later appears to be beneficial. The study concludes that in combination of other risk factors such as smoking, high blood pressure and diabetes, alchohol significantly contributes to the onset of dementia.


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