Top Five Personalities You’ll Meet in a Gym

23 Feb



 (Just a bit of lighthearted fun from the desk of a Personal Trainer)

The “Chatty Cathy”

This is the person you avoid saying “hello” to becuase they’ll keep you talking. Whether they are gossipers fishing for information or talking to you between sets. These people go out of their way to talk to you. Even if you’re wearing headphones and say, “I can’t hear you” this person MUST get your attention for whatever reason. This person may even interrupt a conversation you’re having to insert their opinion. They have big mouths and may often say things just to get your attention. A polite “hello” is one thing. Not everyone needs or wants to hear your life story when they’re exercising.

The “Know it All”

This is the person who interrupts your work out and tells you what you’re doing wrong. “Here’s what I do.” They’ll say. I love these people who try to do my job for me! Offering unsolicited advice to people you don’t know is a great way to potentially hurt someone. Unless you’ve been asked or have been in the fitness profession, you have no business telling other people how to work out. Above all, you have no experience working with people. It’s the “know it alls” that often do exercises incorrectly. Don’t take advice from people you don’t know.

The “Macho Man”

I think we’ve all seen this guy working out. He lifts ridiculous amounts of weight. He does every exercise wrong. Yet, he thinks he’s impressing people. Certainly unwilling to be corrected by people who actually know what they’re doing. This guy thinks he is the “be all and end all” in the gym. No one can outlift him and no one ever will! At least until he throws his back out.

The “Negotiator”

When his membership is due, he’s looking for “a great deal” and thinks he deserves it. Newsflash! Everyone wants a deal on their membership. No one is more or less deserving of a break. Keep in mind facilities depend on membership sales. If they gave a “deal” to everyone they met, they’d be out of business. This person will argue over nickels and dimes.

The “Complainer”

I’m talking about whiners and complainers who complain for the sake of being negative. They are out to drag people down becuase they are miserable. When it is wrong, this person is always quick to point it out. When it’s going right, they are never ever going to say, “Thank you.” They’ll never acknowledge when you’re doing the job well.

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