15 Mar




1) They inspire me to love myself.

Usually those who spend time criticizing me are far worse critics of themselves. I’m going to show myself a little love!

2) They Inspire Me to Encourage Others.

Negative. Negative. Negative. That’s all you’ll ever hear from haters. How do we fight back? Positive. Positive. Positive. These people thrive on drama and want you to feel bad about yourself. I have no reason to feel discouraged by people who drag me down.

3) They Inspire me to Work Hard.

You can spend your life hating people you don’t even know! What’s the point? The energy you spend finding fault with others is the same energy you can use making yourself happy. It makes me work hard to prove all those nay-sayers wrong.

4) They Inspire me To Have Compassion.

Haters are quick to judge. They really don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes. It’s easy to make a snap judgement about someone you know nothing about. It’s offered me insight as to what is really going on in someone’s life. I’ve learned to have patience and compassion for those who are struggling.

5) They Inspire me to be a “Lover” and not a “Hater”

Your negativity speaks volumes about who you are. If that’s how you choose to live your life then you may find a lot of negative things happening to you. You attract in life what you feel you deserve. I’m going to show a little love because that’s what I want in life. I’ll especially show some love to those who hate. I think they need it the most!

Cancer and Exercise: The Fight after the Fight

06 Mar

Cancer and Exercise:

The Fight after the Fight

What to do after chemo?

What is “chemo brain”? For those of use who are unfamiliar with the term, it refers to the after effect of chemotherapy. What kind of impact does it have on the brain? Unfortunately, we probably all know someone who is going through or has been through cancer. What is it really like?

When a tumor develops in the body, it instinctually defends itself by releasing cytokines. They regulate cell production in the body. Imagine an army of enemy cancer cells lined up to invade your body. Cytokines line up to defend the invasion. They just have to call in a lot of troops for back up. This army defends the invasion by limiting the amount of cancer cells that develop. During this time leads to inflammation in the nervous system. This in turn has a great impact on it’s capacity to function.

Chemotherapy limits the bodies’ ability to create new brain cells which specifically regulate memory. Growth of the tumor and chemotherapy lead to shrinkage in the brain.¬† The information notes, it’s specifically in areas that are responsible for memory.

What Can You Do?

This is Harry. He suffered from Glioblastoma. He came to us after his first round of chemotherapy in 2016. Unable to walk unnassited when he first joined, here’s an example of his exercise program. We taught him how to step up and down unassisted. Not a small feat. Especially knowing now what I know about Chemo and it’s impact on the brain. Just goes to show you that exercise can have a positive effect on those managing cancer.

Stepping UP in the world

Harry's Journey:For those of you who have been following Harry, earlier this year we were happy to share his Glioblastoma has not returned! Having such an aggressive form of cancer affected his balance and mobility. We are proud to share this moment ūüôā He is now able to step up and down on his own! No longer using a cane or walker to get around. He is truly an inspiration.Keep up the amazing work Harry!

Posted by All Fit All Ages Gym on Thursday, March 23, 2017

“Chemo brain” refers to the cogntition impairment due to chemotherapy. A sort of “brain fog” if you will, that affects quality of life.

A few key items were noted:

  1.  Exercise and an active lifestyle- creates and stimulates new brain cell growth in the memory centres of the brain. Delays the onset of dementia and slows the effects of age related memory loss.
  2. A Stimulating Environment- “Keeping socially active and keeping your brain challenged is known to delay the onset of dementia.”

I’ve always been adament about exercise when managing neurological disease such as dementia. In this case, exercise stimulates brain function in those suffering from cancer. This article clearly articulates the biological response that exercise has on the brain. Is exercise important? ABSOLUTELY! Look at Harry in the video above. If that isn’t proof, I don’t know what is.

Thanks for reading!

If you need more inforation please click on the following link:

Top Five: Misconceptions About Being a Personal Trainer

02 Mar


         Misconceptions About Being a Personal Trainer

  1. People think my job is easy
  2. I make lots of money
  3. I work with healthy people
  4. My life is all play and no work
  5. I have no clue what I’m talking about

People think my Job is Easy.

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† “All you do is stand around and watch people exercise.” One client told me. It took all of my willpower not to let some expletives fly. I casually laughed and said, “It’s never easy working with somone like you.” Perhaps you think it’s 2 sets of 10 reps on this machine & 2 sets of 10 on that machine. Think again! Have a look behind my desk sometime and see my mame encased in all those framed certifications. The human body is by far the most difficult puzzle one can solve. For those who think it’s easy learning how it works, you’d be sadly mistaken. Over the course of sixteen years, it’s taken countless hours of studying on my own time and spending my own money.

I make lots of money.

“You must rake it in.” I’ve been told. I should be able to “take a fancy holiday for a month” based on what I earn. Not sure what planet you live on, making money as a trainer is not easy. People often don’t want to pay you for your services because they can do it themselves. Apparently there isn’t much knowledge to my job so some people choose not to invest. Yet, some fly by night can go on the internet and come up with a new work out? I’m sorry, you’d invest in a total stranger vs. someone who actually knows what they’re doing? It’s not always easy to pay bills or make ends meet. That’s just the reality of the business.

I work with well people.

Client with COPD in the Gym

It’s really rare to actually work with a client who doesn’t have a health issue. I have to spend my own time researching countless chronic diseases. There is very limited information on those suffering from dementia for example. No book can teach me how to work with a client suffering from this disease. I have to learn on my own.

My Life is All Play and No Work.

I have spent my life in the gym. I’m not kidding. I starting when I was thirteen years old. It’s taken me that long to learn how to work with people. I’ve had to sacrifice my time and energy to help others. If all you’re doing is playing around at this job, you’re not working. You’re not taking it seriously. Either you’re in or you’re out.

I Have No Clue What I’m talking About.

I guess that’s why people pay me right? All those certifications don’t mean much if I don’t have the experience to back it up. Sure, you can look up any new work out on the computer for free. Why pay me? Unlike those workouts on the computer, I design a program that is unlike any other. You will never find two clients with the same exercise program. You can talk to me and ask me questions. I find myself in the position of weeding through all the misinformation in order to help my clients.

This is a thankless job at times. Those who do choose to invest in your services reap the benefit of your experience. Despite some who choose not to see the benefit in what you do, there are often more that do. Have faith in your ability.

Thanks for reading!

Better Your Bottom Line By Getting off Your Bottom

02 Mar

Better Your Bottom Line

By Getting off Your Bottom.

 Healthier Employees Mean Better Business!

¬† ¬† ¬† Stuck in a sedentary job? Sitting and staring at a desk all day is unmotivating to say the least! Does your employer make your health a priority? Do you feel motivated to do a good job for your company? If the answer is no, what can your company do to change? I’ve attached a link at the end of my post for further reference. Bjorn Borg runs a clothing company based in Sweden. Part of this company culture is compulsory exercise sessions for it’s employees. It’s design to boost health and productivity amongst it’s employees. It breeds a sense of community and wellness.

Wouldn’t that be great if every company felt that way?

“In 2014, a University of Stockholm study showed that exercising during the workday was advantageous for both employees – who were healthier and more concentrated – and the employer.

The study found there was a 22 per cent decline in work absences, not negligible in a country where the average person is on sick leave four per cent of the time, twice the European average.”

“Just Google It”

Just think what would happen if the company you worked for encouraged exercise as part of the company culture? Would it change your attitude towards the job you do? I can tell you all the benefits of exercise, I’m sure you know them. With the obesity rate climbing steadily, what can we do to change it?

The best example I could think of was Google. It’s noted as an excellent place to work because it takes care of it’s employees. They have access to daycare, gourmet food and free fitness classes. It’s more than just a company, it’s a culture. Those who share the core values of a company are looked as assets within the company. An interesting fact I learned about Google was that it offers a variety of activities for their employees to participate in.

“Between Google‚Äôs volleyball courts, basketball courts and bowling alleys, there is never a shortage of activities for employees to engage in outside of the office. But don‚Äôt be fooled‚ÄĒthere are ways to create a great company culture without spending a ton of money or supplying lots of cool gadgets”

What Every Company Can Learn from Google’s Company Culture

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†No wonder Google is #1! Who wouldn’t want to work there?

¬† ¬†The idea is very simple and proves my point well. As a company owner, it’s important for you to set the example amongst your employees. Nurturing that sense of community and teamwork can have excellent benefits to your bottom line. Isn’t it worth the investment to create a better working environment for your employees? Apparently, it doesn’t take much! Even if you’re not as big as google, the logic is much the same.



¬† ¬† ¬†If it’s worked for these companies, why couldn’t it work for yours?

Here’s to your health!

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