Image Sells & Intelligence Doesn’t

16 May

Image Sells & Intelligence Doesn’t

My thighs rub together and I don’t see it making headline news.

I often sit and cringe when I’m reading these articles about thigh gaps and body shaming. I sit there with a furrowed forehead and ask myself, “Why is this even a news story?” Does it really effect me when a women’s thighs rub together or not?  Is it too much to ask for society to admit that intelligent women exist? Not only that, we come in all shapes and sizes.

            It pisses me off that any article written about women has everything to do with how she looks. I want to see intelligent women doing intelligent things. Personally, I don’t really care how she looks. God forbid she’s saving lives! Oh no, she has cellulite! Let’s mention that first. Who really cares that she’s using her brains to help others?

          I spoke to a male teacher who articulated the problem so well.

A young woman will often hide her intellect but flaunt her body.” He told me.
My response,
We’ve been taught that a woman’s body is more important than her intelligence.”

He just nodded and said, “That’s absolutely true. Sad to think that is the case.”

That pretty much sums up the point I’m trying to make. While watching the Olympics, story after story of top level female athletes being criticized. These are women who are intelligent and athletic. I think most women would die to have a body like that. Even top athletes in top form are subject to judgment. Here are a few topics that I posted on my facebook page:

            “Why don’t the media take athletic women seriously?”

            “Canadian athletes can Identify with Mexican Gymnast who was body shamed.”

“As women succeed at Olympics, commentators fail to discuss their success without sexism.”

“Why do female volleyball players wear bikinis and men wear tank tops and shorts.”

            “You Throw; An Olympic shot-putters Feminist Mission.”

            I challenge you to find a headline where male athletes had the same problems. So what is it about being a woman? Is it because we have breasts or body fat that we are subject to harsh criticism? These are top athletes being judged on their looks. It just goes to prove a point. Women cannot win. You can be a top athlete or housewife, apparently your body subject to judgment.

It’s always interesting how a woman is judged for breast feeding in public and a nude photo of a female celebrity is deemed, “sexy.” Sure, a woman can show her breasts and be praised for being self confident but a woman nursing her child is seen as inappropriate. I’ve never understood that logic. As long as a woman is objectifying her breasts for the enjoyment of others it’s okay. If she’s feeding her child, it’s not attractive. I think there is nothing more womanly than a mother feeding her child. That is the epitome of womanly to me.

Someone who’s trying to market themselves and toting “self confidence” while showing her naked body isn’t something I can get behind. There’s a distinct difference. The woman feeding her child isn’t trying to market anything. When you genuinely feel confident about yourself it doesn’t need to be sold to the public. It just shows.

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