The Confidence Confusion

27 Jul

 I’m sitting down here today reading another headline story about a female celebrity who posted some pictures on instagram…

It’s a bathing suit picture with her rear end exposed in a thong bikini. A rear end is not much to get excited about these days! It’s hardly what I call nudity. To read some of the comments brought up an interesting subject. The message was one of confidence. People are looking at that thinking she’s trying to attract attention. Maybe she should cover up because people are just going to see her as a piece of ass. What does confidence have to do with the way we look?

Confidence reveals itself in different ways. I’m proud of my body too. I’d rather not wear revealing clothing. I think the message can be confused at times. Confidence doesn’t necessarily mean you should wear revealing clothing. I’m afraid we’re starting to associate body confidence with having to reveal our body. Is that the message we really want to send to our young girls? I know the intent is to teach self love. What if that girl is like me and doesn’t want to reveal herself like that?

Why are we portraying confidence as just a body issue?

Once again we are back at the same issue. Women are being judged by their looks. Confidence is being equated to only loving your body. Aren’t we more than our bodies? Why are we taking pictures of ourselves in bikinis and showing it off to the world? I think it’s wonderful to feel comfortable in your skin. We are more than what we look like. We can do more than just love our bodies. We can love our mind. We can love our character. We can love our skills and talents. Loving yourself in a bikini is part of the equation. You need to love yourself whenever and wherever you go.

The way you look is part of the whole. I think its one small part of a much bigger picture. Loving your body is one thing. I encourage you to think beyond your body. Self confidence is more than just the image you see in the mirror.


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