What You See is not What You Get

14 Aug

I like to scour the internet for the latest fitness news and call b.s. where I see fit.

So I came across this particular link and my b.s. meter went off!


Any exercise routine that claims you will see results in one day is lying to you.

The issue with a routine such as this one demonstrated in the article is that it’s not designed for the beginner. I’ve done these exercises many, many times over the course of twenty years in a gym. From that experience I can tell you, there is a high rate of risk involved. I meet with clients who cannot bend down to tie their shoes. If you have any form of back injury, then I would not recommend ANY of these exercises. These exercises are dangerous for the absolute beginner. These are exercises are dangerous for anyone, especially if they are executing them poorly.

I read these articles and I just laugh. Ninety percent of the people I work with are not conditioned for such high intensity movements. You already need to be in good shape in order to do these exercises. If you think I’m full of it, have a look at my “Exercise of the Week” and that’s the kind of routine I do on my own. It’s taken me twenty years to master these exercises. It’s not because I’m a slow learner. It’s because these exercises are effing hard. I can say with objective and practical experience that the exercises demonstrated in these articles are hard.

I do not recommend these exercises for the average exerciser. These moves are high intensity and you can get injured quite easily. If you cannot even squat properly, then I would recommend mastering that first. A beginner level gym-goer would find a basic squat hard enough. This is considered high intensity for someone just starting out. When you start to add jumping to the mix, this is considered far more advanced and should be saved for someone with more experience. Please keep that in mind when you come across articles of that nature.

There is not just one exercise that is the “be all, end all” of exercises.

If that were the case, then we’d all do some squats and be in perfect shape. The only way you have long lasting results is if you put in the time and effort. Don’t be fooled by articles that claim certain exercises will get you in shape immediately. It’s a big fat lie!

Keep this in mind…

The amount of time and effort it takes for you to get out of shape,

is the same amount it takes to get back in to shape.

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