What to do When Your Partner Isn’t as Active as You.

15 Aug

I’ve heard this far too often…

“I wish my husband would get active too. He’d rather just sit on the couch”

“She doesn’t do anything. I’d like for her to get more active instead of sitting around”

“He buys my favorite chips and waves them under my nose. I have to say no and walk away.”

      What to do when your partner isn’t as active as you?

1) Don’t Pester! 

Pestering your partner often has the opposite effect you’re looking for. They’ll dig in their heels and respond negatively because it feels like you’re forcing them. No one likes to be reminded of what they aren’t doing! You can always ask if they’d like to go for a walk or a bike ride. The worse your spouse can say is No. I encourage you to encourage them. Leave the door open for them to participate with you if and when they feel ready.

2) Find Something You Both Enjoy

You love the gym. He loves to stay home. He’d rather go for a run. You’d rather go for a walk. Where’s the in between? You are allowed to enjoy activities on your own. Find a happy medium. I encourage you to participate in some activities your partner enjoys. If you tried it and legitimately don’t like it, then at least you tried. There’s always something you can both do together. The upside is if your partner simply enjoys different activities, then be supportive of that. As long as they are active!

3) Talk About It

Be open with your partner about your intentions to get healthy. Make it clear what they can do to help be supportive. If it’s a matter of changing your dietary habits, then work together to make gradual changes. You cannot expect to change someone just because you’re motivated. At least you can involve your partner in a way they can be supportive.

4) Lead By Example

Sometimes you can influence someone by not badgering them to death! If your purpose is to be more active then stick to your guns. Often what I find is when you start feeling good, people notice. When people notice, they may follow you. Always be supportive and encouraging about your partner’s ability to feel better. People come around in their own time. It just takes a role model to lead the way!

         Hopefully these tips can help you and your partner become healthier!

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