I’ll do it my way… Even if its wrong!

23 Aug

I’ve told this guy a hundred times and he still does it wrong!

He admits he does it incorrectly and tells other people not to do what he does.

   If you’re approached by gym staff and told that what you’re doing is unsafe, would you listen?

You’d think anyone with common sense would like to avoid injury. Yet I’ve seen it so many times I can’t even count it. You’ve been told and even shown how to execute an exercise properly, and you’re still doing it incorrectly. My question is, do you enjoy getting hurt?

Most people who are lifting weights incorrectly are usually lifting too much weight. Unfortunately their pride won’t allow them to adjust to a lower weight. I’ve told the same person multiple times that he’s doing an exercise wrong. Why doesn’t this person listen? I’m not paid to give this person unsolicited advice. My logic is if I’m watching you exercise and it hurts me to watch you, I’m going to say something. Whether or not you choose to listen is your call.

If you’re a gym goer, you’ve probably seen it too. The same person doing the same exercise wrong all the time. He’s been told and told again. Should you intervene? As a gym member you have to remember that you are not qualified to offer advice. If you give someone advice anyway and they get hurt, you’re responsible. Tell a qualified professional and let them intervene. I know your intentions are good. If you are not a certified professional, you’re gonna be in big trouble.

The point in all this is that sometimes people do have to learn the hard way. I’m responsible as a manager to tell the person. If they choose not to heed my advice then I am no longer responsible. It’s not personal that a staff member wants to help. If anything, we want to make sure you are safe. We want you to remain uninjured so you can continue coming to the gym.

You may have a hard head and choose not to listen. You know you’re doing it wrong and choose to exercise improperly. That’s your choice. No one will be impressed when you throw your back out tying your shoes…

Just a word to the wise… Quality over quantity. Execute an exercise properly and you’ll develop the strength properly.

In the words of Paul Chek

“If you can’t lift it, don’t lift it!”


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