28 Aug

My Top 5:
The Biggest Mistakes in Exercise

Over the course of my twenty years of experience, I’ve learned some valuable lessons. I want to share with you my top five lessons about what people do wrong in the gym. Hopefully through these lessons, you can learn how to be successful in the gym.

1) Poor Training Programs
The BIGGEST mistake I see people make is over using machine training and body building techniques. Strength means nothing if you can’t use it. Stability training means training the muscles that keep your joints in place. This means challenging your body in an unstable environment. The better your stability is, the better your strength.

2) Quantity over Quality
When you compromise form in order to lift more, it’s a false sense of strength. “If you can’t lift it, don’t lift it.” Lifting more weight poorly doesn’t make you strong. Doing an exercise poorly simply creates poor muscle recruitment. Therefore you are hindering your own strength development.

3) Following False Fitness Trends
Just because it’s trendy, doesn’t make it true! There is no such thing as one abdominal exercise that will flatten your stomach. There is no such thing as a “cure all”. It takes consistent effort over time to see results. Don’t believe what you see! Wellness is a lifestyle, not something you can buy on a shelf.

4) There’s No Quick Fix
The time and effort it takes to be unhealthy is the same time and effort it takes to get healthy.

5) Don’t Be Hung Up on Looks
People want to change their physical appearance thinking it’ll make them happier. That’s not the case. If you are not well on the inside, you will not be well on the outside.

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