When the Day is Long… How do I stay Strong?

30 Aug

I count the number on my fingers, one, two, three, four appointments this morning. This is going to be a tough one…

How am I going to get through the morning?

           After back to back to back to back appointments I have to admit I am exhausted. It’s a tough business. Not much time to rest between appointments and I haven’t eaten my breakfast. I’m often taking thirty seconds to take a spoonful of peanut butter and be on my way. It’s the only chance I have to eat during the course of my morning.

          I have to admit finding the energy after a long day is tough. It takes a lot out of you to help people. While it’s the greatest part of my job it’s also the toughest. Those who are in my profession understand what I mean. It takes a lot of mental energy to work with and help people on a daily basis. People come to us for energy. People come to us for help. We are human too! Sometimes we need that motivation and encouragement just as much. It’s hard for us to want to exercise because by the end of a long day, we’re tired too. It’s a matter of mental fortitude and pushing through the fatigue.

I love my job. The part of my job that most people don’t quite understand is how dedicated you must be. It’s time and energy to help those you’re working with. The job doesn’t stop when the appointment is done. If you think it’s all about reps and sets, you’d be wrong. There is much more work done behind the scenes that most people don’t see.

How do I get through a hard day? Sometimes I just need to take some quiet time for myself. I go home and put my head down. That’s the honest truth. I am sometimes so mentally drained it’s really hard to hold my head up. It’s tiring. It’s not because the people I work with are draining. I give 100% to each of them and after a long day, I need to recharge my energy. Being a trainer doesn’t mean I don’t get tired. It doesn’t mean I don’t need motivation. It means I have to work at giving myself energy in order to give it to others. That’s not easy. Somewhere in the chaos, I have to find quiet time. Don’t we all!

I made it through. I survived like I always do. It was hard work and I have to admit my voice was pretty hoarse by the end of the morning. Time to re-energize and get moving.

Here’s to another day at the office!