Why Your Age Doesn’t Define Your Dreams

12 Sep

I read an interesting story about a 103 Year old Australian Dancer.

Eileen Kramer is a great story of pursuing a dream and living your passion. I can’t stress this enough to those of you who think age is a limitation.


     My experience working with older clients has provided me with a unique perspective. Vital, energetic and full of passion this population is. Just because someone is older doesn’t mean they don’t have dreams. You can decide to hike mount Kilimanjaro like the gentleman I featured in the picture above. He was only 90 when he did it!

I think when you stop dreaming and stop pursuing, that’s when you start to age. There’s nothing left to accomplish so you might as well sit around and get old. Right? Absolutely wrong! It doesn’t matter what age or stage of life you’re in, you have the ability to try something new.

Mary is a client and she’s 75. She started learning to play the Ukulele this year. “I always wanted to learn.” Is there something you’ve always wanted to try? I encourage you to break the age barrier and do it! Our society has forged the wrong idea about what aging looks like. I makes me angry because people believe it.

     Take a note from Eileen and keep at what you love.

Pursue what makes you happy.

Happiness has no age limit.