Top Ten Things You Don’t Know You’re Doing Wrong in the Gym.

22 Sep

Top Ten Things You Don’t

Know You’re Doing Wrong in the Gym.

1) Not Cleaning Up After YourselfThis is a big one! It’s bad etiquette if you sweat all over the equipment and don’t make an attempt to clean it up. No one wants to sit in a pool of your sweat. Use a towel and spray to clean off where your hands touch. If you have a tendency of sweating a lot then bring your own towel. There’s nothing worse than leaving a trail for people to follow. As well when you leave your weights all over the floor it creates a tripping hazard. Put them away!

2) Making too Much Noise: When you are done using the free weights, don’t slam them on the floor! It takes just as much control to put a weight down than it does to lift it. Exert some control and return the weights safely to the ground. If the weight is too heavy then get someone to spot you. An annoying habit is to grunt and groan while you’re lifting weight. It either sounds like you’re trying take a poop or give birth. No one wants to hear you grunting, groaning or moaning. P.s. You may need to learn how to breathe properly while exercising. Proper breathing mechanics aid in lifting heavy weight.

3) Using WAYYYY too much weight Normally the reason why you’re grunting and groaning so much is probably because you’re trying to lift too heavy. Lift what is appropriate for you. Practice doing the exercise with proper form before adding too much weight. Then as you get stronger and lift heavier, you’ll do the exercise properly.

4) Exercising Poorly–  #3 and #4 Go hand in hand. If you’re using way too much weight and doing it incorrectly, you’re going to hurt yourself. Even if you’re doing much less weight and executing the exercise improperly, you can hurt yourself. Always ask a professional if you need help!

5) Talking Way Too Loud on a Cell Phone-  Is the gym really the place to conduct a private conversation? Not really! I’ve seen people walk up and down the gym floor talking on the phone. You can’t get anything done this way. Not only that, it’s bloody annoying especially when you’re holding up a piece of equipment. Take the conversation to an appropriate location or call them back later.

6) Occupying A Machine Too Long– I think most people are pretty polite about waiting. If you’re occupying a machine for an extended period of time, then you’re probably holding someone up. Keep it reasonable. If you notice someone is waiting then consider sharing the machine so you’re both able to use it.

7) Giving Out Advice If you give someone advice and they hurt themselves, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE. Don’t offer unsolicited advice. Often people have a medical history and/or injuries that you don’t know about. My suggestion if someone approaches you and asks what you’re doing, my recommendation is to encourage them to talk to a professional. It’s for your safety and theirs too.

8) Stinking Up the Gym– Please make sure you wear clean clothes to the gym. Put deodorant on! Refrain from dousing yourself in cologne before or after a work out. You’re just covering body odor with cologne and it often smells worse. It’s really a nuisance for those exercising around you. Please make an effort to have proper personal hygiene.

9) Missing the Toilet  I can’t tell you how many times a day I have to clean the floor under the urinal. It’s not fun and it’s not pretty. I think it’s inconsiderate to leave bodily fluids on the seat of a toilet or on the floor. It’s disgusting for the next person as well.

10) Interrupting Someone’s Appointment to ask a Question-  I don’t think people have ill intentions. Quite frankly when a trainer is working with someone else and you feel the need to ask a question, it’s very rude. A trainer is hired to give time and attention to paying clients. If you want the same time and attention then you’ll have to pay for it. Don’t approach a trainer when he/she is working with someone else. Hold your question for later or find another staff member who can help you.