The Science of Maybe: Why Diets “should” or “could” work “sometimes”

24 Sep

Here are some real time headlines:

“This Popular Diet Could Sabotage Your Health, According to a Nutritionist.”

“8 Healthy Vegetables That Can Sometimes Harm You”

“10 Affordable Superfoods You Should Be Eating Everyday”

       You notice a trend here? The following titles were from articles posted on the internet. Yet, they all “maybe” have advice that “could” work.

     Keto, Micro, Macro, High Carb, Low Carb… I can’t even keep track of the number of so called “diets” that “may” work to help you lose weight. They all have different information that often contradict each other. I call it the “Science of Maybe”. It’d probably take me forever to research all the thousands of diets that claim to be the answer for weight loss. If you had a thousand different solutions to one problem, you’d have a hard time picking the right answer. No wonder people are confused!

     I do not advocate one specific way eating. If it works for you and you are happy, healthy and energetic then stick with it. If it doesn’t work for you and you’re tired, miserable and unhealthy then maybe you need to consider an alternative. Changing your eating pattern requires time, energy and persistence. You’re not going to get it right the first time. Take yourself off diets and put yourself on to common sense. I always say, just because it’s trendy that doesn’t make it true!

Proper eating habits take more than just investing in a quick fix. It’s like homework. You have to do the work in order to get the grade. If you do the work poorly then you’ll get poor results. If you put consistent time and energy in to getting it right, then you’ll get good results. Remember, this is a life time of homework on your part.

Eating well and exercise are life long habits that require tinkering to get right. Once you do get it right, then you’ll feel great. If you have to deprive yourself or starve yourself to lose weight, then I encourage you stop. If you go on and off diets consistently then it’s time to get off the diet train. Success only happens when you put the time and energy in to it. This requires long term effort and a dedication to getting it right.

   Take yourself off the diet train and get back to common sense.

Exercise and balanced eating WILL work.

Invest in what works for you instead of what “could” “maybe” “sometimes” work for you.