Why I’m Perfectly Okay with My Imperfect Body

24 Sep

I feel pretty good today. I did a great work out and I feel strong and… a little bit hungry now.

I consider myself pretty blessed to not excessively worry about what I eat or how my body looks. You may look at me with disdain and think, “Yeah right..” The truth is in the course of my day, I maybe spend a few minutes in the mirror. I look at my hair and see some grey coming in. I brush my hair and tie it in a braid. Nowhere in the course of my day do I ever spend saying negative things about my body. Don’t get me wrong, I have my moments. In general I have learned to control my thoughts and put my body in to action. Exercise always helps refocus that negative energy. By the end of the work out, I feel a hell of a lot better. Does it rid me of my cellulite? Nope. Nor do I expect it to.

My life has always been centered around exercise. I’ve worked out for close to twenty years. It damn well feels amazing to feel strong and healthy. I feel like I can take on anything. I wish every woman could feel that way about herself. The truth is those little things get the better of us sometimes. Those stretch marks, those wrinkles, the cellulite on our hips are all very much a part of being female. I can work out for three hours a day (and most days I do) and still there’s no ounce of perfection about my body. Do I feel better about the body I have? Absolutely!

I don’t expect to rid myself of my flaws. I show off my arms with pride even if they still jiggle a bit. Lots of me jiggles a little bit despite the fact I’m in great shape. That’s just the way my body goes. I’m pretty much okay with that. I don’t look at these so called flaws as a bad thing. It certainly will never keep me from loving life. I refuse to let that happen. How silly to let a bit of body fat ruin my otherwise good time. If you are one of those women who takes care of her body and works her rear end off and still has those jiggles, I say own it! Love it! Keep working hard and don’t let anything stop you.

   Loving your body starts with loving the person inside that body.