Fitness Is More than Physical

04 Oct

     We confuse fitness and wellness with being physically strong. What about the rest of you?

Many people come across as physically fit, yet are emotionally and mentally unwell. Physical fitness is the outcome of being mentally and emotionally well. There are aspects of your life that may be out of whack, so to speak. Perhaps you have an emotional problem stemming from poor relationships. Maybe you don’t have a good relationship with yourself. Emotional disturbances have a distinct impact on physical well being. You can run ten miles every day and think you’re in good shape. If you’re running away from yourself than you may find yourself emotionally & physically spent. You may burn out.

We’re often too hell bent on acheiving physical wellness that we forget to take care of everything else. Stress is a major factor that impacts emotional health. Exercise is an added stress. We add stress on top of more stress, then you’re a big ball of stress. Again, you can be in good physical shape but are you really? You can ignore the emotional and mental stress so long before it manifests itself physically. Are you sleeping at night? Are you able to focus at work? Is your digestive system out of balance? All these symptoms can be underlying emotional problems. Your body is literally in a fight or flight state. This impacts the nervous system and in turn your organ function.

Think of your body as a chain. There are links in that chain to help keep the connection strong. Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual are all links in that chain. If one of those links is broken, then as they say, “You are only as strong as your weakest link.” What’s the disruption and how can we address it? You will never reach your peak of physical wellness unless all the other links in the chain are strong. Don’t ignore what’s going on inside. Whether it’s emotional or mental stress, how you manage it can make a great impact on your physical fitness.

Fitness is more than physical.