Strength isn’t About Size

06 Oct

250LBS on Lat Pulldown. Struggling to pull the weight, he throws himself back. I’m cringing. Just waiting for the cable to snap…

He does it all wrong so why does he keep doing it?

One of THE biggest issues I see in the gym is people using WAY too much weight. They aren’t even doing the exercise properly! There’s no sense in doing an exercise poorly with a lot of weight. You’re not impressiong anyone. You’re just increasing your chance of getting injured.

Using a lot of weight doesn’t make you strong. Especially if youy aren’t moving it correctly. You’re just repeating a bad habit. After a while you’re going to get really good at doing things wrong. Don’t mistake using a lot of weight for strength. If you’re not doing it right, that strength is for nothing.

It’s like learning how to play a sport. Weight training is no different. You need to be able to do it well in order to get the best results. Why do we keep doing it wrong?

No one likes admitting they are wrong! People who have no experience should learn from someone who does. I don’t mean an internet personal trainer. Someone in the flesh who has at least ten years experience. If you don’t know who you’re handing your health over to, then you’ll get hurt. Educate yourself on the basics of exercise. If only for your personal safety.

Quality over quantity. Do an exercise with proper form with a weight you can handle. You’re more impressive when you can actually do things right. Breaking your back in the process is not part of the plan. Lifting heavy doesn’t make you strong. Strength comes from developing good exercise habits. When you continue to do something well, you’ll keep it doing it well as you increase the load.

Keep that in mind.