A Step Too Far: Why too Much Exercise is Bad for the Body.

18 Oct

Why Too Much Exercise is Bad for the Body.

    I don’t encourage people to dive into exercise full force, especically if they’re just starting out. Even if you’re a seasoned exerciser, I woudn’t recommend making your whole life about exercise. I love moving and it makes me feel good. There’s a point when you’re doing too much and it becomes dangerous. When exercise stops feeling good, then you could be doing too much.

Take it from someone who has worked with people for the past seventeen years as an exercise professional. Too much exercise is a bad thing. I’ve gone through this experience as well. I’ve done way too much and it came back to bite me. You end up feeling lethargic, tired and grumpy. Exercise should feed your positive energy and not drain it out of you. If you’re in the gym seven days a week for hours on end, then I encourage you to really think.

Am I doing way too much and not resting?” People forget that it’s in the rest and recovery time that you get stronger. When you do not take sufficient rest between work outs, then you don’t have an opportunity to recover. If anything, I’ve seen this only increase the chance of injury. Rest is when your muscles grow. There’s no sense working out seven days a week especially if it’s leaving you drained. That’s what I’m referring to. When you work out SO much and there’s no opportunity for rest, it’s counter productive to building strength. Rest is JUST AS important as the work out.

Exercise is about consistency. The more consistent you are then you will develop strength. I say that rest is also about consistency. The more consistent you are with rest, then you will develop strength. So what is the appropriate amout of time to spend exercising? I encourage people to at least average three days a week to start. Between home, work and personal, my clients are spread thin as it is. Three days a week, at least for one hour sessions equate to three hours a week. For most, this is pretty reasonable.

As you develop strength and endurance then adding an extra day per week is reasonable. If you’re in the gym four days a week, then you have three days to rest. In my opinion, this is a happy balance for most people I work with. That’s what exercise should be! A happy balance in order for you to feel energized outside of the gym.

Just remember if your routine is causing fatigue, weakness and lethargy then it’s probably a good idea to cut back a bit. It could mean you’re doing too much. As well, it could mean your nutritional needs are not being met with the amount of energy you put out. If you’re putting out way too much energy and not putting it back in, then you will feel like crap.

Exercise shouldn’t take away from your life or your energy. It should motivate, support and energize you in daily life. It should help you feel better!