The Mental Workout: Strength from the Inside Out

23 Jan

It’s not all about setting the pin and pushing the weight. 

There is a method to exercise that many people don’t quite understand. It really transcends the physical. That’s what most people really don’t understand. It’s not about about counting repetitions and pushing the weight. This is a mental work out. Pushing beyond what you think you’re capable of.

People get so hung up on improving their physical body they forget about what’s underneath. People always tell me, “I always feel better after I exercise. I forgot what I was angry about.” All that negative energy gets channeled in to something positive. Couldn’t we all use a bit of that? What if we had something in our lives that alleviated our mental stress and improved our physical ability?

I can honestly say that exercise is more than just looking good in the mirror. People have a mental picture of themselves that is often reflected in the way they carry themselves. What do I mean? The way you see yourself on the inside is often how you feel about yourself on the outside. When you lack confidence you’ll see a weak person in the mirror. When you feel confident then you’ll see a strong person in the mirror.

We must remember that exercise is more than just pumping weight and building muscle. For a lot of people it is a form of meditation and self reflection. The by-product of a healthy mind is a healthy body. Not the other way around. Your physical body will change. It’s hard to change the way you see yourself or how you see the world. That takes a bit more time.

If you’re seeking a positive change and want to start somewhere, then start the workout from the inside out.