The Posture of a Generation

05 Feb

I didn’t realize the floor was that interesting… 

      I catch people every day of my life staring down. No, it’s not just to do with age. I call it “The Posture of a Generation.” It is one that has spent so much time looking down at their phones, tablets, or computers. I’m telling you what I tell them, “The floor isn’t that interesting.” Believe it or not when you spend time looking down constantly, it will effect the rest of your body. It will literally put it out of alignment. You’ll most likely start staring at the floor because that’s what you’re teaching your body.

What happens when you spend so much time looking down? Well, there’s a funny thing that happens when you spend so much time in one position. Your body starts to take on that form. For example: When you spend your day staring at a computer, you’ll most likely be plagued with neck and shoulder problems. Your head progressively moves forward and out of alignment. You’ll end up with rounded shoulders. For each inch your head moves forward, the more pressure it puts on your spine. I call it the “Lurch” posture or (to be more dramatic) “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” posture.

Just imagine ten years from now. You or your kid spending all that time staring down at a phone. What do you think is going to happen? You will eventually become the next victim of bad posture. You’ll be the next “Lurch” and I promise you, it won’t be pleasant. If you want to avoid the chronic neck and shoulder pain, here’s something to keep in mind.

Excessive time spent in front of a computer or cell phone can cause severe long term problems. If you think I’m full of it then come and sit behind my desk. It’s pretty sad when I look around and all I see are people looking down. I see the next generation of “Lurches” being created right in front of my eyes. Here’s my simple suggestion to you…

  Stop looking down all the time!

The floor is not that interesting!