Big Boned: Myth or Truth?

06 Feb

People tend to throw the phrase “big boned” around in reference to someone being a bit heavier.

    I had to find out if there was any truth to this. What people are referencing has to do with someone being overweight. Realistically speaking, we are all built with different frames. Does this account for someone being overweight?

Research I’ve read indicates that someone being overweight cannot be blamed on “big bones”. People carry their weight in their “soft tissue — muscle, fatty tissue, their organs.” So blaming extra weight on your bones is not correct. A small amount of people have larger frames, but most of us have an average size skeleton.

The size of your bones does not equate with bone density. Bone density is gauged by the concentration of mineral content. What I have learned is that “big bones” is not an accurate term to describe someone who is over weight. Their skeleton is most likely like average like yours and mine. The issue is they are carrying too much body fat in their soft tissues. This becomes an issue of health and determination for chronic disease.

Our focus should be on developing proper eating habits and activity levels. This would make a big difference in bone DENSITY. Meaning this will help to make our bones stronger. Increasing muscle mass would have a great effect on body fat. The more muscle mass you can develop, it allows you to burn more energy. Having a better ratio of muscle mass to body fat is what I encourage.

Poor lifestyle habits play a big part in your health. Gradual improvements make for long term success. Time to throw away the term “big boned”. It’s no longer a reason why you or someone you love may be overweight. It’s time to treat yourself to the best health ever!

A little bit of movement goes a long way!