Soccer Legs: Nothing Wrong with Being Strong

07 Feb

I never quite fit in to the realm of “dainty” or “delicate”

My grandma always said I had “soccer legs”. I wasn’t quite sure what it meant at the time. I always felt bigger than other girls. I also felt like I was rough and tough like a boy. When I look back at pictures from elementary school or high school, I feel like I tower over all the other girls. What I realize now is that I felt strong and capable. My “soccer legs” could serve a purpose in my success.

When you’re young woman, how you see yourself makes a big difference. The world likes to decide what the “ideal” body shape is. There were many times I looked at my strength as a bad thing. I have a muscular frame. I’m sure a lot of other women understand where I’m coming from. In our mad pursuit to be “slim” and/or “skinny” we are literally running away from who we are. We are the women who have thick legs, thick waists and have trouble finding shirts that fit. No amount of diet or exercise will change it. I am born to have “soccer legs” and dammit, I’m going to use them for my benefit.

Women like Serena Williams are big, strong and muscular. Involved in a sport like tennis, there’s no doubt why she stands out. So she should! Depending on the sport, there are certain body shapes more prevalent than others. When we look at the media, the ideal female body shape is completely different. It’s the women who are blessed with smaller frames that seem to get more attention. If we look at Victoria Secret models, you’ll know what I mean. They all have a very similar body shape. Most women don’t look like that. If you do, all the more power to you!

What I’m referring to is how body shape all comes down to perception. Am I jealous of all those beautiful women who simply have a smaller frame? Absolutely not! I’ve seen smaller women squat 135lbs like it was nothing. I’ve seen bigger women dead lift 200lbs like it was nothing.

The point here is, I’ve been blessed with a bigger body shape. I’ve been this way all my life and there’s no sense in fighting it. If you’re blessed with the same body shape then let’s work with it. I am not meant to be skinny or slim. Maybe you have “soccer legs” too and have trouble finding knee high boots like me. I have thick legs that are strong and muscular. We are not built to be small. We are all blessed with different body shapes.

At the end of the day strength knows no size. Health and well being is more important than what size you happen to be. Own what you got and love what you have. It’s the only body you’re given so make the most of it.

Let’s use those “soccer legs” like we mean it!