What to do When Your Partner Isn’t as Active as You.

15 Aug

I’ve heard this far too often…

“I wish my husband would get active too. He’d rather just sit on the couch”

“She doesn’t do anything. I’d like for her to get more active instead of sitting around”

“He buys my favorite chips and waves them under my nose. I have to say no and walk away.”

      What to do when your partner isn’t as active as you?

1) Don’t Pester! 

Pestering your partner often has the opposite effect you’re looking for. They’ll dig in their heels and respond negatively because it feels like you’re forcing them. No one likes to be reminded of what they aren’t doing! You can always ask if they’d like to go for a walk or a bike ride. The worse your spouse can say is No. I encourage you to encourage them. Leave the door open for them to participate with you if and when they feel ready.

2) Find Something You Both Enjoy

You love the gym. He loves to stay home. He’d rather go for a run. You’d rather go for a walk. Where’s the in between? You are allowed to enjoy activities on your own. Find a happy medium. I encourage you to participate in some activities your partner enjoys. If you tried it and legitimately don’t like it, then at least you tried. There’s always something you can both do together. The upside is if your partner simply enjoys different activities, then be supportive of that. As long as they are active!

3) Talk About It

Be open with your partner about your intentions to get healthy. Make it clear what they can do to help be supportive. If it’s a matter of changing your dietary habits, then work together to make gradual changes. You cannot expect to change someone just because you’re motivated. At least you can involve your partner in a way they can be supportive.

4) Lead By Example

Sometimes you can influence someone by not badgering them to death! If your purpose is to be more active then stick to your guns. Often what I find is when you start feeling good, people notice. When people notice, they may follow you. Always be supportive and encouraging about your partner’s ability to feel better. People come around in their own time. It just takes a role model to lead the way!

         Hopefully these tips can help you and your partner become healthier!

What You See is not What You Get

14 Aug

I like to scour the internet for the latest fitness news and call b.s. where I see fit.

So I came across this particular link and my b.s. meter went off!


Any exercise routine that claims you will see results in one day is lying to you.

The issue with a routine such as this one demonstrated in the article is that it’s not designed for the beginner. I’ve done these exercises many, many times over the course of twenty years in a gym. From that experience I can tell you, there is a high rate of risk involved. I meet with clients who cannot bend down to tie their shoes. If you have any form of back injury, then I would not recommend ANY of these exercises. These exercises are dangerous for the absolute beginner. These are exercises are dangerous for anyone, especially if they are executing them poorly.

I read these articles and I just laugh. Ninety percent of the people I work with are not conditioned for such high intensity movements. You already need to be in good shape in order to do these exercises. If you think I’m full of it, have a look at my “Exercise of the Week” and that’s the kind of routine I do on my own. It’s taken me twenty years to master these exercises. It’s not because I’m a slow learner. It’s because these exercises are effing hard. I can say with objective and practical experience that the exercises demonstrated in these articles are hard.

I do not recommend these exercises for the average exerciser. These moves are high intensity and you can get injured quite easily. If you cannot even squat properly, then I would recommend mastering that first. A beginner level gym-goer would find a basic squat hard enough. This is considered high intensity for someone just starting out. When you start to add jumping to the mix, this is considered far more advanced and should be saved for someone with more experience. Please keep that in mind when you come across articles of that nature.

There is not just one exercise that is the “be all, end all” of exercises.

If that were the case, then we’d all do some squats and be in perfect shape. The only way you have long lasting results is if you put in the time and effort. Don’t be fooled by articles that claim certain exercises will get you in shape immediately. It’s a big fat lie!

Keep this in mind…

The amount of time and effort it takes for you to get out of shape,

is the same amount it takes to get back in to shape.

Bad Habits Affect Your Kids

13 Jul

I couldn’t believe it!  Only 34 Minutes a day?!

A study conducted in Britain by the Highland Spring Group noted “the average family gets just 34 minutes a day together ‘undistracted’ – time where they feel they actually bond together and catch up without gadgets or routines getting in the way” Maybe this sounds like your family? We are the most “connected” we’ve ever been with technology. Yet we are the most disconnected from each other than we’ve ever been. This can have an effect on your child’s mental and physical wellbeing.

Mental Health

I read an article posted by Carmen Chai on the Global news website. A study conducted by Columbia University wanted to look at depression rates in youths aged 12-17. “Cases of major depression climbed from 8.7 per cent in 2005 to 11.3 per cent in 2014 – a 37 per cent increase.” The CMHA also noted that “five per cent of young men and 12 per cent of young women between 12 and 19 have experienced severe depression.

Physical Health

Based on Statistics Canada in 2017, 30% of kids aged 5-17 are overweight or obese. Diabetes Canada says “the rate of diabetes in children all over the world has increased in the past twenty years.” We all know kids are spending way too much time on the computer. I don’t think any further statistics are necessary here.

The time you’re not spending with your child matters. It has a distinct effect on their mental and physical wel lbeing. Engaging in positive activity with your children can therefore have a positive effect on their mental and physical wellbeing. That’s the message here. Thirty four minutes a day is not enough.

If we seek to change these unhealthy habits we first change our own.

Make that change if only for those around you.




Better Your Bottom Line By Getting off Your Bottom

02 Mar

Better Your Bottom Line

By Getting off Your Bottom.

 Healthier Employees Mean Better Business!

      Stuck in a sedentary job? Sitting and staring at a desk all day is unmotivating to say the least! Does your employer make your health a priority? Do you feel motivated to do a good job for your company? If the answer is no, what can your company do to change? I’ve attached a link at the end of my post for further reference. Bjorn Borg runs a clothing company based in Sweden. Part of this company culture is compulsory exercise sessions for it’s employees. It’s design to boost health and productivity amongst it’s employees. It breeds a sense of community and wellness.

Wouldn’t that be great if every company felt that way?

“In 2014, a University of Stockholm study showed that exercising during the workday was advantageous for both employees – who were healthier and more concentrated – and the employer.

The study found there was a 22 per cent decline in work absences, not negligible in a country where the average person is on sick leave four per cent of the time, twice the European average.”

“Just Google It”

Just think what would happen if the company you worked for encouraged exercise as part of the company culture? Would it change your attitude towards the job you do? I can tell you all the benefits of exercise, I’m sure you know them. With the obesity rate climbing steadily, what can we do to change it?

The best example I could think of was Google. It’s noted as an excellent place to work because it takes care of it’s employees. They have access to daycare, gourmet food and free fitness classes. It’s more than just a company, it’s a culture. Those who share the core values of a company are looked as assets within the company. An interesting fact I learned about Google was that it offers a variety of activities for their employees to participate in.

“Between Google’s volleyball courts, basketball courts and bowling alleys, there is never a shortage of activities for employees to engage in outside of the office. But don’t be fooled—there are ways to create a great company culture without spending a ton of money or supplying lots of cool gadgets”

What Every Company Can Learn from Google’s Company Culture

         No wonder Google is #1! Who wouldn’t want to work there?

   The idea is very simple and proves my point well. As a company owner, it’s important for you to set the example amongst your employees. Nurturing that sense of community and teamwork can have excellent benefits to your bottom line. Isn’t it worth the investment to create a better working environment for your employees? Apparently, it doesn’t take much! Even if you’re not as big as google, the logic is much the same.



     If it’s worked for these companies, why couldn’t it work for yours?

Here’s to your health!

Info referenced in my blog:


The Bench Press: Overused and Outdated?

23 Feb

The Bench Press:

Overused and Outdated?

I’m going to start off saying a bench press is by far one the most poorly executed exercises. As a measure of strength, it’s absolute nonsense! High School boys measure their Max Bench Press on a chart at school. The higher the max, the more macho the man! It’s not a useful exercise unless you know how to apply it properly. Let’s take the conventional bench press and look deeper as to why it may be overused and outdated.

A True Measure of Strength?

The bench press has long been regarded as a measure of strength. Unless you’re laying under a car and trying to push it off of you, it makes no sense to me. Applying strength on a fixed machine is much different than applying strength off machines. Why? You can probably get away with lifting heavier because it requires no activation of your abdominal wall.

I’ve taken big muscular men and put them on a Swiss Ball or Bosu Ball. Is it ever interesting to literally watch them squirm. The kicker is, they aren’t even lifting weight. Simply holding their body weight is difficult. What’s the difference? A ball is not a fixed bench. They have nothing to brace against. You can get away with having poor core strength on a bench. An unstable object reveals the true nature of abdominal weakness.

Mechanics of a Bench Press

Basic Bench Press on Swiss Ball

This is a demonstration using a light bar in order to show the appropriate technique for a bench press on the ball. I see too many do this exercise poorly and want to make sure you don't hurt yourself! I often use this technique with my clients to practice proper execution of the exercise. This is a great exercise for shoulder rehab after a rotator cuff operation.http://fitforallblog.ca/2018/02/23/the-bench-press-overused-and-outdated/*Please ask before trying any new exercise in the gym*

Posted by All Fit All Ages Gym on Thursday, February 22, 2018

As a trainer working with people who have bad shoulders, the bench press is the LAST exercise I’d prescribe. I’m referring to a bench press on a fixed bench, not a swiss ball. I tend to teach my clients to get really good doing a bench press on the ball. Why? The mechanics of how your body moves during an exercise is important to know. If you don’t know why you’re doing an exercise, why do it?

We all know where our shoulder blades are located. Each shoulder blade is connected to the shoulder joint. It acts as a support for the shoulder when it moves. When you move your arm in any direction, the shoulder blade follows suit to allow proper range of motion. When you’re on your back, on a fixed bench, what happens to the shoulder? Your shoulder blades are not allowed to move therefore leaving the shoulder unsupported. This a good way to really hurt yourself. Especially if you bounce the bar off your chest. Anyone call for a dislocated shoulder?

Doing it Right

A swiss ball poses more of a challenge. Your body is having to combat the balance issue in order to keep from falling over. In simple terms, that means it’s a hell of a lot harder. It engages more of the body and mind. Often what happens is that people wiggle on a ball. This is a very normal response for the body when it’s an unbalanced position. It’s literally trying to right itself. Do you have to worry about that on a fixed bench? Not so much. That bench isn’t moving anywhere so you can get away with lifting more.

Any of you out there who think I’m full of it, I dare you to try a swiss ball. If you’ve never ever done it before then please ask a professional. For the sake of your safety (and your pride) watch my demonstration first. I’ve been using a Swiss Ball for 19 years. Take my word for it, this exercise is harder than it looks. Especially if you’ve NEVER incorporated a ball in to your work out. If you’re going to do an exercise, do it right! Don’t sacrifice your shoulders for the sake of lifting too much.

Here’s to your health!


High Tech Fitness: Does it really sell?

15 Feb

High Tech Fitness:

Does it really sell?

Call me old school but a pen and paper works better for me.

                  I am not well versed on Fitness techoolgy. I find it very confusing and often distracting amongst those who use it. I am the type who listens to her music on LP’s and 45″s. I need something tangible to hold in my hands. I have no time to sit and fiddle with my phone and all the added features. I am a talk and text kind of gal. No frills thanks!

                  If you ask me what I think about all this fitness technology out there, my honest answer is I don’t know. Call me old school but a pen and paper works better for me. Something I can easily write on, erase, correct and modify without the click of a button. Plus it’s a hell of a lot cheaper.

                 This article features a club based in Toronto that has been in business for 68 years. If you have a look at their approach to business it is very much focused on creating close knit relationships amongst it’s members. They don’t have wifi or even fancy machines that connect to your cellphone (I’m assuming some machines do that lol). My point is that in the age of advanced technology, have we lost the simplicity of what exercise is really about?

             I can see why High Tech would suit an elite athlete. He/she must track their progress. Detailed records need to be kept in order to achieve thir peak performance. What about the average person? Do we really need all this fancy technology just to get moving.

It’s kind of interesting that with all this fancy exercise tech,
the rate of obesity keeps going up especially amongst children.

This begs the question, does it really work? If so, who does it work for? I fear with the advance in technology in the fitness industry, we are losing connection. Why does it matter? Exercise is about connecting with yourself first. I beleive that occurs when you re-connect to what really matters and disconnect with things that don’t. Depending on technology to tell you how healthy you are or aren’t may detract from that.

I’m not against technology. If it appeals to you then I think it’s a great tool. I’m certainly not impressed or driven to make it a part of my exercise routine. I focus more on how I feel from the inside out. As far as I’m concerned, the best fitness tracker is the one I carry with me. My brain. Or my pen and paper… No one ever said technology was accurate. Keep that in mind.

Take time to read and decide for yourself.

Here’s to your health!

High Tech or Low Tech? What really matters to customers?

The Danger of Going Digital: Exercise Online

12 Feb

What’s the Real danger of Going Digital?

Not all online work outs are created equal.

Not all online work outs are designed by trained professionals.

Who is Really Designing Your Workout?
Fitness videos seem like a great idea. Go to You Tube. Click on a video and away you go….

Most fitness workouts are easily accessible on You Tube and often don’t come with a price tag. As a personal trainer for fifteen years I’ve seen the industry evolve.  Not only does going digital threaten my income, in many ways it undermines what it takes years to learn. Not all work outs are created equal. Not all work outs are designed by trained professionals. This is the ingherent danger of going digital.

The truth about the fitness industry is that it is not regulated for saftety. Anyone and Everyone can come up with some gimmick that MAY work for the consumer. If you have a look at infomercials touting the latest exercise equipment for example. Most of the people who design the products have zero experience as an exercise professional. We have no governing body that regulates the saftey of the particular product. What does this have to do with online fitness workouts? Absolutely everything!

Exercise is about constant dedication to learning.

My logic is that if no one is regulating the content being put out there, how can you be assured it’s safe? You can’t. Any person on the street can come up with a work out and it’s put out there on a global platform.  The biggest concern is that when an online work out is designed, it’s designed for the general public. It MAY work for some. What if you’re doing the work out wrong? There’s no one regulating if you do it properly. You’re looking at a video that is mass marketed. In my vast experience I’ve learned this:


One Workout Does Not Fit All

Why is it expected that one workout will work for everyone? It doesn’t! Trainers such as myself take it upon themselves to learn about exercise. Its not something that takes one week end or one year. It takes constant dedication to learning. Designing an exercise program is not a matter of taking pen to paper. You can’t just design a program and say, “Here, now everyone try it.” Any client I work with has different needs. Different health concerns. Therefore the exercise program should be aligned with an individuals needs.

I have no issue someone wanting to improve their health. If you choose to use online content just beware. Not every program is desgined by professionals. Not every work out is a good one. Do your homework and talk to a professional in-person. Your safety and wellbeing is THE most important. Please don’t take it for granted.

Here’s to your health!